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To the Double T Alpaca Ranch

A little bit about us:

Our emphasis is on good health, excellent conformation and top quality fiber producing animals with post sales support surpassed by none. Equally important is our desire to serve the alpaca industry with integrity as we look forward to an extensive and productive future. Visit our About us page for more information

We currently have 34 Alpacas at our ranch. Our Ranch is located at 210 County Road 292 Niota, TN 37826. Feel free to check out our Alpacas for sale or our Hersire. Also you can contact us at any time with any questions you may have. Discover more about the Double T Alpaca ranch here.

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» Terms and Conditions

Financing Terms

Financing available, dependent on total cost. 20% to 25% down, equal payments over 12 months to 24 months. Animal must be insured by a livestock insurance for theft or mortality, listing Double T Alpaca Ranch or owner as Co-insured until the alpaca is paid for in full. At this time we will quickly sign over the registration documentation on the alpaca to transfer ownership.

Boarding And Transprotation

Boarding is available for Alpacas purchased at Double T Ranch. The daily charge for boarding is $3.00 for the first alpaca, each additional alpaca is $2.50 there after. That includes top quality hay and feed. We use organically grown top quality hay. Boarding includes deworming, weight management, and toenail trimming each month. Teeth trimming when needed and shearing free if boarded with us for more then 3 months.